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Memory for the eternity. It is perfect solution for you to find the suitable urn to the worthy memory. The selection of our unique, artistic urns can be reached all over the world.
I offer a wide range of handmade urns, such as funeral urn, memorial urn, burial urn and cremation urn. These urns are suitable for funerals and safely housing the cremated remains of our beloved ones, be it a human or a pet. All of our artistic hand-made ceramic urns have special individuality, unique style and design. 

My urns are made of stone-pot as well as porcelain.  The special porcelain urns with crystal glaze have unique effects. The variety of glaze is peerless and unrepeatable. My product range including all types of urns such as pet, memory or horse ones is being broadening permanently. All of the urns have a sign from the artist. Every urn is unique, so only one piece was made from it.
These artistic urns are not only simple pots but they have an effect on our general conditions and state of mind. They can help us to celebrate the uniqueness of life and remind us of our beloved ones.   
One of the most emotional trials of our life is the loss of our beloved ones, as they will be always missed ones they pass away. Mourning is a difficult process for everyone and it has a significant impact on people’s life.  
Because of the above mentioned reasons we would like to tender our fascinating urn collection. They can provide the help of elegant final memory as well as to remember love, laughing and nice memories.


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